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Welcome to TEFL-Monster.com -  Your home of everything TEFL. We are here to share our vast experience of living in the TEFL world, and give you all of the information necessary to start your journey. Whether you are new to living abroad or are experienced and want some information on a future destination, we are dedicated to bringing you the most up to date information available.

On this website you will find jobs and reviews of TEFL companies in various countries, and we encourage you to share your experiences of them to help others. You will also find start up guides for each country, with visa advice, expected costs of housing, average salaries and more.

Our mission is to give everyone the easiest and best time on their adventure.

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Daniel Ward - Founder and Director of tefl-monster.com

A note from me 

Teaching English abroad is something very special, and to be able to share your gift is an amazing thing to do. Whether you’re wanting to have experience as a teacher, see what it’s like living in a different country, or just want a new challenge and adventure, I absolutely recommend that you try teaching in a different country at least once. Aside from the multitude of experiences you will have, teaching abroad will load you with so many transferrable skills that will help you in your professional development for the rest of your life. From people skills, to time management, financial planning and more. If you are finishing your degree and want to try something new or different for a year, teach abroad. If you are fed up of your job and want a career change, teach abroad. So many people from so many different backgrounds are now teaching abroad and it’s only getting easier, with the salaries increasing also. I created this company so that if you have any worries or troubles then you have help and someone there to try and answer any questions. If you’re looking into companies to work for then please check out the jobs page for vacancies, plus the directory for reviews - or if you want to add a listing and a review, it would be really beneficial for so many teachers out there, and your contribution would be very much appreciated!


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